"I don't remember anything -
but I'll never forget..."

A film by Niels Frandsen
Duration: 50 min

“Dolphins. The dolphins exert a wondrous attraction upon me. I look up at them from the swimming pool. The ladies are standing along the side of the pool. They are looking down.
There are other children in the water, lots of them. I am part of a story, a story that is part of me, I look up at the dolphins again. They look as if they are alive, but they aren't moving -they are frozen in mid leap. I fall backwards into the water.I am alive. I
In this way the Danish film director Niels Frandsen transforms his memories and the story of his family into a deeply moving and beautiful film. Niels Frandsen was stricken by polio when he was 1 year old during the great epidemic in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1952.

The film is made in Danish but it is available on DVD in
English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italien and  French.

Produced with financial support from:
The Danish Film Institute and
The Danish Film Directors Association in
Co-productions with DR-TV (Denmark)